Photo shoots can be stressful at times. Whether it’s on your wedding day or even while doing a portrait shoot, I will always strive to deliver the best possible product to my customers. With that being said I would also like to provide a break down of my services so that proper expectations are set between us.

I provide edited photos only:

Unless there is a specific need that we discuss in advance, I like most photographers, only provided edited photos to my clients. The unedited or “raw” photos are not provided. The edited photos are a representation of my work. That is why I, as well as most photographers, don’t release the unedited photos.

Delivery of edited photos:

Delivery of the edited photos will be done in no less than 7 days via Google Drive. Exceptions can sometimes be made if you prefer a different method but I have found this is they quickest way to deliver them.

Printing of the Photos:

I do not provide printing services. However you are free to print the photos with whatever printers you choose. All photos will be watermark free for printing unless otherwise discussed.


If a deposit is required for your shoot please note that this is a non refundable deposit to hold your time slot. The deposit is also due immediately to hold the date.


Payment is required before the actual shoot unless specifically agreed to otherwise.

Girl taking a photo